Manidoro Fair Embroidery
31 march, 1 and 2 april 2017 · Bellaria Igea Marina - Rimini
Organization Events & Exhibitions

Manidoro is the exhibition of embroidery, one of the events, in Italy today, more attention to research and product selection of the most refined artistic labor. The exhibition is aimed at associations, expositors, traders, schools, foundations, labs and to all the specialized operators interested in being active part of the event. Editions of Manidoro exhibition are meetings for the principal Italian schools of embroidery, lace and macramé, during which everyone will have the chance to attend actual artistic workshops. Organized by Manidoro srl, the exhibition was born with the intention to preserve, promote and hand down the art of embroidery, macramé, lace, quilting and to rediscover ancient tecniques of the Italian and foreign tradition, approaching new enthusiasts to these noble
arts. Between the 2016 edition goals, there is to become a reference point among the Italian and international artistic events, catching the attention and passion of the public through the refined beauty and exclusive peculiarities of the products and tecniques showed.

In the prestigious setting of the convention center of Bellaria Igea Marina, few kilometers away from Rimini, Manidoro expresses the quality of a unique creative industry, heritage of the history of costume and Italian fashion. Sectors, expression of the 2016 edition, will be: embroidery, lace, macramé, quilting, patchwork, yarns, fabrics, buttons, publishing.

Exhibition, Sale and Workshop

Who love beauty, Manidoro Fair is the expression of the most refined artistic labor: