Manidoro Fair Embroidery
6, 7 and 8 april 2018 · Palacongressi Bellaria Igea Marina (RN)
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Manidoro Embroidery Fair, promoted and organized by Manidoro srl, is one of the events, nowadays in Italy, more careful in the search and selection of products of the most refined artwork..

Born with the intent of safeguarding, valorising and handing over the art of embroidery, lace, macramè and rediscovering the ancient techniques of Italian and foreign tradition, it has been set in the few years to the attention of experts and enthusiasts of the sector And has seen among its exhibitors the best representations among schools, associations and commercial realities of all the Italian Country and of France, Spain, Belgium with visitors from Denmark, Slovenia and Austria as well.

The fair is aimed at associations, exhibitors, traders, schools, foundations, laboratories, publishers and all the industry players. Her editions, three so far, have been characterized as an important meeting point and comparison of the main embroidery, lace and macrame schools, during which each one has the opportunity to organize and follow art workshops and workshops. In the last edition more than forty were made.’

Exhibitors live their exhibition experience in a refined and comfortable environment in all details and services and can count on a careful selection of realities and products that represents one of the excellence of the Manidoro Fair.
The fourth edition of Manidoro will take place once again at the Palacongressi of Bellaria Igea Marina (Rimini)
on the dates 6, Saturday 7 and Sunday, 8 April 2018.

With the patronage of the: Comune di Bellaria Igea Marina
Sponsor: In collaboration with:

Exhibition, Sale and Workshop

Who love beauty, Manidoro Fair is the expression of the most refined artistic labor: